Managing the Upstream Industry Uncertainties:
Innovation in Concept, Method, and Technology
1. Research and Development in EOR
2. Regional Basin Analysis in Indonesia
    -Western Indonesia Field
    -Eastern Indonesia Field
    -Unexplored / Frontier Field
3.  Play Based Exploration
    -Facies Model
    -Reservoir Characterization

    -Migration Pathaways Prediction
    -Charging Prediction

4. Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoir

    and Resource

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Achmad Yusqi

 Virtual Company Visit
with Pertamina

 Virtual Company Visit
with Pertamina 

"Challenges of Future Geologists in Oil and Gas Industry"

Virtual Company Visit is one of the activities held by Trapspot AAPG Unpad SC in the form of sharing and discussing by the students with the experts. Trapspot 2021 wants to accommodate the interests of Geological Engineering students in the Oil and Gas Industry and want to learn new things by visiting Pertamina virtually to learn through the Zoom Cloud Meeting. We believe that Pertamina is a reliable and professional company, and will be a great opportunity for us to learn the basics of Oil and Gas work environment. This event will be conducted by Dwandari Ralanarko and Nandita Galuh Guamaradewi, and will be held on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, at 07.00 PM.